School Uniform

Uniform at Garsington

At Garsington CE Primary, we expect our pupils to arrive at school each day ready and properly equipped for learning. Being dressed in appropriate school uniform is part of this readiness for the day ahead.

The school colour is Mulberry and we request that all pupils wear a school jumper, cardigan or fleece jacket bearing the Garsington CE Primary logo. In addition we request that pupils wear white shirts/polo shirts; black or grey trousers, shorts or skirts; or grey school or red checked summer dresses. Socks and tights should be white, grey or black. School caps are available if required. For wetter weather, school rain jackets are also available. Please find our uniform policy here.

    rain jacket from £15.40         jumper from £8.20         polar fleece from £10.85        cardigan from £9.40             safari cap from £2.80

Uniform bearing the Garsington CE Primary logo can be purchased online from school clothing provider Gooddies. There is free delivery to the school office twice a month, otherwise you can pay for home delivery. 

Our school PTA has a stock so if you need anything as soon as possible, then please contact them on 


Children should wear suitable footwear as to the weather conditions - with sturdy outdoor shoes or wellies provided in the winter. As our grounds are grassy and our classrooms carpeted, we insist on pupils wearing indoor shoes inside the school buildings. These should be black/grey pumps, trainers or other comfy shoes. 

PE Kit

For PE pupils should wear black/grey or dark blue plain shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings; a white polo or t-shirt; and either a spare school jumper or plain black/grey/dark blue hoody. Depending on the sporting activity, pupils can wear trainers or pumps. Please ensure your child has a PE kit with them every day and that it is in a named PE bag.


Pupils in Year 5-Year 6 swim during certain terms. They will require a plain swimsuit or trunks and a swimming cap (all swimmers must wear a cap). If you wish your child to wear goggles you will need to return a permission slip. Don't forget a labelled towel.


Pupils are allowed to wear wrist watches and small studs in pierced ears. Studs will need to be taped or removed for PE. No other jewellery is allowed (including loom band bracelets).

Book bags & water bottles

All pupils are asked to bring a named book bag to school daily in which to carry their homework, reading books, letters home etc. Please also provide your child with a filled water bottle (water only please).