absence and illness

Absences as a Performance Indicator   

Parents have a legal obligation to ensure their children attend school regularly and absences during term time can seriously disrupt the continuity of learning. We appreciate that all family circumstances can sometimes be difficult however children need to be in school as much as possible. Attendance is seen as a key school performance indicator and is closely monitored by the Local Authority and Ofsted. To this end the school must collect and report details of authorised and unauthorised absences by law.

Encouraging Attendance 

To encourage high levels of attendance (above 97%) we:

Returning to School after illness

Children returning to school after illness should clearly be fit to do so and free from infection. 

If you are unsure if your child should return to school please check the

Guidance on Infection Control in Schools or call the School Office.

Children should be fit to participate in all school activities, including games and play times. Injury and asthma are of course exceptions. If in doubt, the school is happy to advise.

Parental Agreement for School Staff to Administer Medicine Form

If your child requires medicine while at school, please ensure you complete a parental agreement for school staff to administer medicine form.

Without these completed forms staff are unable to administer medicines to your child as per our Administering Medicines Policy.

Term time leave of absence - unauthorised absences

From September 2013 amendments to the registration regulations removed references to family holidays and extended leave. 

This means that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If you must take your child out of school during term time please put the details of the absence in writing and contact the School Office to arrange a meeting with the Headteacher.

Family holidays will be recorded as unauthorised absences.

Please have a look at our attendance leaflet.

Authorised absence due to illness or unavoidable circumstances

Indian Boy/Teenager coughing sneezing and down with Flu

If your child is absent through sickness or any unavoidable cause, please telephone the school in the first instance. This absence constitutes an authorised absence. A written explanation should be provided on the child’s return to school. 

When making a decision as to whether your child should or should not attend school due to illness please read the Parents Guide to Managing Sickness Absence.