Vision and Values

Our School Vision

Our Red Kite Values

Nurturing everyone to flourish in a community where all can believe and achieve. 

The Parable of the Sower Matthew 13:1-23 

In consultation with pupils, parents, governors, community members and staff our vision and values were generated based on our inspiration from the Parable of the Sower and how this links to our children and their learning journey with us.

This parable tells of a farmer who went out to scatter seed but had varying success due to the different places where the seed fell. The seed that ultimately flourished landed in good soil.

At Garsington Church of England school we strive to provide the good soil (a nurturing environment)  where all our children can grow and flourish in their own unique way.

School Aims

Our Red Kite school values (Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Determination, Kindness, Independence, Teamwork and Enrichment) are embedded into everything that we do within a nurturing and supportive Church of England school. 

Everyone supports the school values that underpin our Christian ethos. Our values prepare children for living in a multi-cultural society.

Children are passionate and confident to express their thoughts and views. The development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills is fully embedded across all aspects of school life.

Every child feels valued within our welcoming, safe and friendly environment. Everyone’s strengths, whether these are academic, technical, artistic, scientific or physical are recognised, celebrated and developed.

We prepare our children with excellent life-long learning skills to meet the demands of a fast changing world.

Each letter in Red Kite reflects one of our school values. 

We all aspire to be Red Kite Learners who are:

R: Responsible

Making sensible choices, being trusted.

E: Enthusiastic

 Being excited by learning and enjoying school.

D: Determined

Not giving up, feeling challenged.

K: Kind

Welcoming others, treating each other

with respect, being thoughtful.

I: Independent

Using initiative, solving problems.

TTeam Player

Listening to each other, playing together, learning together.

E: Enriched

Getting fully involved in school life,

recognising and developing interests and talents.