Growth Mindset

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Check out our Growth Mindset Questionnaire to see how you rate on the fixed to growth mindset scale!

A growth mindset for all - pupils, staff and parents!

Earlier this academic year Tim Hall delivered a fun and interactive Growth Mindset Workshop for pupils and their families. Despite the pouring rain the workshop was well attend by over 50 people! The workshop focused on enterprising and character building behaviours such as: self-startin, team working, resilience, problem solving, effective communication, willingness to take a risk, leading others and coming up with new ideas! If you missed the workshop check out Tim's slides here.

At school we use several techniques to help promote a growth mindset amongst our pupils

Highlighting learning

Childern are encouraged to self-edit their work and learn from any mistakes using their 'purple pens of power'.

"I enjoy editing my work so that I can be an even better learner."

Magpie the ABC of learning

Children are encouraged to get involved in their lessons, listen to others and build on their ideas.

Magpie, Accept, Build, Challenge

Strategies when stuck

Children are encouraged to show resilience and independence in their learning by using resources and guidance around them such as: their Brain, Buddy & Boss, displays around the classroom, and everyday expectations for writing.

"I know what I can do when I get stuck."

Children are encouraged to highlight in pink any areas where their work can be improved to help them remember for next time.

"I listen to my teacher when she/he tells me how I can make my work even better."

Chilli Challenge

Children are encouraged to turn up the heat and push themselves with harder work.

Children are encouraged to highlight in green any areas of work which show great learning.

"I am proud of myself when I prove that I have completed a good piece of work"

WALT: We are Learning To...

Teachers ensure children know what their objectives are by explicitly discussing the WALT: We Are Learning To at the start of each lesson and why so that it makes sense and encourages further learning.

"I know what I am learning and why I am learning it."

Prove Its

Children are encouraged to prove they have secured their learning following set success criteria.

"I can prove that I know how to succeed."

"I challenge myself to try the harder work."

Homework and Reflection Sheets

Homework sheets are standardised across KS2 with sections that encourage children to reflect on their learning that week, suggest goals or areas of learning they would like to explore, and which encourage additional 'grow your brain' challenges.

"I reflect on my learning and my next steps."