Ofsted Report

Ofsted last visited our school on 22nd and 23rd January 2020 and following the inspection determined that our "school continues to be good" and that "safeguarding arrangements are effective". Click here to read the inspection report.

January 2020 Inspection Highlights

Leadership and Standards:

  • Leaders have maintained a good standard of education since the previous inspection. They are determined that all pupils should, and do, achieve high standards.

  • Pupils do well in reading, writing and mathematics.

  • The headteacher and her leadership team are well respected by staff, pupils and parents. Staff work well together and morale is high.

Learning and Behaviour:

  • Pupils behave very well in school. They get on confidently with each other and show respect for adults in school.

  • Leaders and teachers want the best for every child. They provide a broad curriculum. Learning is enhanced through themed weeks and trips.

  • Staff have high expectations of pupils' behaviour. They teach pupils the habits and attitudes they need to be successful learners. Lessons are interesting and pupils want to learn.


  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

  • Staff throughout the school are well trained.

  • Parents, staff and pupils agree that pupils are safe in school. There is a strong culture of promoting pupils' well-being across the school.

Pupils and Parents Views:

  • Pupils at this school are happy and safe. They enjoy coming to school and describe it as 'incredible', 'happy' and 'amazing'.

  • Parents and carers are full of praise for this supportive and nurturing school.

  • One parent said, 'The school is warm, welcoming and the staff really care about the children'.

January 2017 Inspection

Ofsted previously visited our school on 25th January 2017 and following a short inspection determined that the "school continues to be good" and that "safeguarding is effective". Follow this link to visit the Ofsted website to read our reports in full or download the pdf copies below.

January 2017 Inspection Highlights

Leadership & Working Together:

  • Since taking up your position in September 2015, you have built effectively on the school's many strengths. You and your team are passionate in your ambition to continue to improve the school.

  • You have developed a very positive culture for learning.

  • Your leadership team and governors are all dedicated to ensuring a positive working relationship with parents.

  • Parents' views are important to you and staff act quickly on any feedback they provide.

  • Working parents particularly appreciate early morning meetings to discuss progress while their children attend breakfast club.

  • The school is a vibrant and happy community.

  • Staff and pupils understand and uphold the school's values.

Pupil progress

  • Pupils, including those in the early years, are enthusiastic about their work and are keen to show how much they have improved.

  • All groups of pupils at this school make good progress.

  • In the Early Years a much higher proportion than found nationally reach a good level of development.

  • In both 2015 and 2016, the school's performance in the phonics screening check was better than national average.

  • At the end of key stage 1 a greater percentage of pupils, when compared with the national average, attained the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics.

  • Staff have been well trained and carefully supported. As a result, teachers have maintained the good outcomes for pupils at the end of key stage 2.

  • Well-targeted funding has ensured that disadvantaged pupils make good progress. This is because you carefully track their progress and put in place effective interventions for those who need to improve.


  • Safeguarding is a high priority in this school.

  • Staff have a deep understanding of the individual needs of pupils.

  • Pupils say they feel safe at school.

  • You ensure the curriculum provides pupils with the necessary skills to keep themselves safe, including when online.

January 2017 Inspection Letter

Please find below our short inspection letter.