Science Week 2018

The theme of Science Week 2018 is I Challenge You!

Foundation Stage, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Challenge

I challenge you... to blow up a balloon with chemicals!

Pupils will be provided with ice cube trays containing reagents plus spoons.

In small groups they will investigate what happens when you mix.....vinegar, bicarb, soap, water, etc; decide which gives biggest reaction and use the best reaction to blow up a balloon in a class finale. They will report and demonstrate the results in the final assembly.

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Challenge

I challenge you…to use a motor, battery pack, pens, masking tape and disposable cup to create scribblebots!

Pupils will explore how to change the image which is created.

Pupils will display art and scribble bot in final assembly.

Whole School Challenge

This is a challenge undertaken by all classes in the school, with prizes for winning teams and also co-operation within teams.

Build a K'nex vehicle to safely and securely carry a potentially explosive chemical cargo (film canister of dried rice) across the classroom.

Pupils have to consider how to protect it if it turns over.

The vehicle travelling the greatest distance from each class goes into the grand final in Friday assembly.

Other challenges issued for the week

I challenge make an animal disappear!

Pupils will think about how a tiger/zebras stripes or leopard spots help it hide. They will then be given a double colour image of animal on piece of A4 and challenged to make one of their animals disappear using strips of paper or materials form art supplies to disrupt the outline.

I challenge you … build a slow-ball-run!

We will try and obtain free guttering from local builder’s merchants.

Pupils will be challenged to work as a team to build a ball run from the top of the playground using pieces of builder's guttering kindly donated by BuildBase. The ball must keep moving and all the sections of guttering can be used.

What is the longest time it can be kept moving for whilst travelling down the track?

Running time results will be reported in assembly and the winning class will explain how they got theirs to travel so slowly!

These resources will be kept for continuous use as purposeful playtime equipment.

K'nex Building Family Challenge

Once the kids have had a go it is time for families to give it a try! Teams will compete to send their precious cargoes across the hall.

The Solve-It Challenge

On Friday lunchtime Year 6 will be doing a lot of fun and diverse Science Busking - can our younger pupils work out how it works?!

Science Wrap Up Assembly

Friday, 2.35pm all welcome

Come along to find out what scientific fun pupils and parents have had this week. We'll be announcing the results of all challenges and demonstrate winning projects with the help of pupils.

Grand finale of the Cargo Challenge.


The best results will be shown in assembly.