Please find below our School Policy for Music and the National Curriculum Framework for Music. Please look at each class Topic Web pages to find out what each year group is studying in relation to Music.

Each year children take part in the Festival of Voices at Dorchester Abbey and the Big Sing at Oxford Town Hall at Christmas.

All our Year 3 children learn the ukulele. We have a private company called Irock that delivers sessions every Thursday afternoons. Lessons are organised via a private arrangement between Irock and families who wish their child(ren) to take part. The children deliver a concert to the whole school every term to celebrate what the pupils learned.

Every year, all children are involved in a musical production:

Autumn Term: Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 - Nativity Play

Spring Term: Year 3 and 4

Summer Term: Year 5 and 6