Please find below our School Policy for Maths, and the National Curriculum Framework for Maths.

Please click here for our Reception Calculation, KS1 Calculation, LKS2 Calculation and UKS2 Calculation policies. Copies can also be found below.

Ms Scaldwell, our Year 2 Class Teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team, is the school Subject Lead for Maths.

Please visit the class Topic Web pages to find out what each year group is studying in relation to Maths.

Follow this link to find out which Maths resources we use and for some Times Tables games and resources.

Power Maths UKS2 Calculation Policy (1).docx.pdf

Power Maths LKS2 Calculation Policy (1).docx.pdf

Power Maths Reception Calculation Policy.docx.pdf

Power Maths KS1 Calculation Policy.docx.pdf