Garsington Election 2017

Garsington General Election 2017

Forget Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn...never before has an election been so hotly contested than at Garsington Primary School this week. On Monday, candidates from the 6 parties laid out their policies to the whole school and fielded questions from Year 5. This was followed by campaigning in all the classes, not to mention in the corridors and in the playground.

The Candidates

Vote Witch

International Spell-Making Party

Vote Beast

Beauty Within Party

Vote Giant

Ban the Beanstalk Party

Vote Baby Bear

Cute and Cuddly Party

Vote Gingerbread Man

Edibles Party

Vote Rumplestiltskin

Golden Future Party


Voting began yesterday morning at the Year 6 polling station. The Witch from Hansel and Gretel and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast were among the first to cast their votes. Campaigning continued throughout the day as candidates attempted to sway those crucial floating voters. Once the polling station had closed, the counters began the all-important task of counting the votes under the watchful eyes of the checkers. Early indications are that the turnout was 94%, including two members of staff who were not in school on Thursday and voted by post.

Voters at the booth Election Officer Casting a vote

Counting the Votes

Watch as the Year 6s put Sunderland's well oiled vote counting systems to shame...! (Click Pop Out for he video to load more quickly)