Anti-Bullying Week 2017

Anti Bullying Week begins on Monday 13th November 2017 and the national theme this year is All Different, All Equal.

National key aims of the week

· To empower children and young people to make a noise about bullying – whether it’s happening to them or to someone else, face to face or online.

· To help parents and carers have conversations with their children about bullying – both as a way of preventing bullying, and to help children who are worried about bullying.

· To encourage ‘talking schools' where all children and young people are given a safe space to discuss bullying and other issues that affect their lives, and are supported to report all forms of bullying.

· To equip teachers to respond effectively when children tell them they’re being bullied.

· To raise awareness of the impact of bullying on children’s lives if they don’t tell anyone it’s happening – or if they are not given appropriate support – with a focus on the impact on mental health.

Aims of Anti Bullying Week at Garsington

To remind pupils of the ways that they can work together to make Garsington a happy and safe place.

To make sure pupils know what to do if they are unhappy or sad.

To communicate to parents how we keep children safe and what to do if they are concerned.

To develop friendship links between pupils across the school.

Activities for the Week

Anti Bullying Week Opening Assembly

Anti Bullying Week will be kicked off on Monday morning with a special Anti Bullying Week Assembly led by Ms d'Archambaud. During assembly the class challenge "We all feel safe and happy in school will be discussed.

Secret Challenges (all week)

Each class will be given a secret challenge linked to the weekly challenges during the Monday assembly.

Examples of class challenges:

- Organise games for other children to play each lunchtime or breaktime this week.

- Get to know another child you don’t already know.

- Help someone at lunchtime who looks sad or unhappy.

- Talk to someone who you don’t normally talk to from another class. Tell them a joke and make them smile.

Class Agreements

During the week all classes will discuss their individual and class responsibility in making sure that Garsington is a safe and happy place. Together they will produce a document which will be used as part of a whole school display in the main corridor.

Feeling Safe and Happy Survey

All classes will complete the survey during the week.


Garsington Rocks

All pupils will decorate a rock with a positive message and/or picture. These will be hidden around the playground on Friday. All pupils will find one rock and keep it.

E Safety workshops for Year 5 and 6

On Monday 13th November Year 12 pupils from WPS will be leading workshops on e safety with Year 6 about staying safe online. Year 6 will then lead similar workshops to Year 5 pupils during the week.

Learning Detectives

During their weekly meeting, Ms d'Archambaud will be training the Learning Detectives how to solve problems calmly. They will also be learning how they can help other children sort problems out peacefully and calmly.

Anti Bullying Leaflet

All classes will look at our school's Anti Bullying Leaflet during the week and make suggestions for things that need to be updated and added. The leaflet will then be updated and distributed to parents.

Worry Policy

Throughout the week teachers will be talking to pupils to make sure everyone knows what to do if they feel worried. Our Worry Policy explains what pupils should do if they are worried about anything.

Pupils in Year 2 to Year 6 will watch the jigsaw film from the Think You Know website and reflect on the messages it contains in order to come up with their own ideas as to how to stay safe online. The pupils will then develop their own ideas for 'acceptable use' which we can then incorporate into our online safety policy.

Pupils in FS, Y1 and Y2 will learn about the SMART rules that are displayed near every computer.